Modernizing of our production equipment

Between 2005 and 2012 Agrikon KAM Ltd. has implemented considerable investments in the value of about 9 M EUR. Developments have been made in the parts manufacturing, obtaining of modern laser machines, program controlled bending machines, modern welding machines, welding robots, painting lines and an up-to-date assembly shop. So we can say that in our days the production means of Agrikon are mainly on a high Western-European standard, in conformity with its products.


Capacities and they his utilisation

Agrikon KAM Ltd. produced some 25.000 driver cabs in year 2013. Agrikon KAM Ltd. has started new growth with its new, awarded projects, with the target of succeeding in utilizing its capacities. This is about 40-45.000 cabs / year.


Product development

As Agrikon is the supplier of the great Western-European harvester, construction machine and tractor manufacturers, so we mainly co-operate in the product development of the great companies, primarily on the field of technology in order to manufacture the developed product effectively, with the most advanced technology.

In the development policy, certainly the whole cabin development is included.