About us



The Agrikon KAM Ltd. was established with its privatization in 1993, as the successor of the company Mezőgép in Kecskemét. This is a majority Hungarian-owned company.
The predecessor of the company is Kecskeméti Mezőgép, and had the following 4 major range of manufacture:

  • manufacturing of driver’s cabins
  • manufacturing of cultivation machines
  • manufacturing of grain silo
  • manufacturing of aluminium structures

These activities were done in several factories, which were held together under the name of Agrikon GROUP. Both the company’s predecessor, and the Agrikon KAM Ltd. have always been export-oriented, and produced 80% of its activities for export. The biggest volumes were represented by the export of the CLAAS cabins – which is also significant to this day -, and the grain silos, which were significantly repressed these days. The Agrikon KAM Ltd. – due to its continuous rationalization and the reorganization of the activities – has reduced the number of its factories. In 2008, Agrikon KAM Ltd. sold the factory of cultivation machines in Kiskőrös (Kiskőrösi Talajművelő Gépgyár) belonging to the main factory in Kiskunmajsa, a part of the factory in Kecskemét, then the Agrikon Metal Co. (Agrikon Fémipari Zrt.), also belonging to Agrikon KAM Ltd. So - by January 1, 2009 - basically all production moved to the main factory in Kiskunmajsa. Extensions of this factory has been made in the previous years, and the production of driver’s cabins of a European level has been developed here. The Agrikon KAM Ltd. has been working as a 100% private company since 1993. The site of Agrikon KAM Ltd. is approx. 64.000 m2, of which 36.000 m2 is built-in (building). Besides this site, Agrikon has an another free industrial area of 70.000 m2, which can be used for any development.